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    Alternatives to Showing "All"


      I created a dashboard that shows survey results by bus route and by time period (Early AM, AM Rush, etc.) I'm using a filter on Route and on Period to allow the user to see one route and one time period at a time. Each route has a color associated to it based on the branding.


      I'm now being asked to create a way for someone to see the results of all bus routes at once or to see the time periods by day type (Weekday, Saturday, Sunday). Using the (All) option in the filter creates an unusable stacked bar chart:



      I don't like this not just because of the colors, but because the tooltip is only associated with the one route and does not sum up all of the routes.


      My manager (who is data-aware, but not a Tableau user) suggested duplicating the data rows and renaming the route to "Systemwide" and have that be an option in the filter. Similarly, I would do the same for periods, where I would duplicate the rows and make the time period Weekday, Saturday, or Sunday.


      Is this the best approach?


      I am using 2018.3 and have attached a packaged workbook (version 10.2) with fake data.