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    Error timeout after extract upgrade to version 2018.2

    Trupti Bhutada

      Hello All,


      I'm facing extract issue on version 2018.2. I've workbook created in version 10.3. Now we are planning to upgrade to version 2018.2 I'm trying things on my Tableau desktop first to see how it works. Here are the steps I'm following


      Opened Tableau workbook (version 10.3) on version 2018.2. All the extracts are in .TDE format.

      4 data sources uses custom SQL to connect to AWS S3 where all the data is stored. Hive tables are created to read the S3 data on Qubole environment.

      1 data source is directly reading data from AWS S3 using Hive table


      I was able to upgrade the Extract from .TDE format to .HYPER format. A extract with 4M rows took less than a minute to complete this task. (This extract has about 25 columns and 4M rows). I could check the properties of the data source and it was updated to HYPER as Extract Type.


      Then I hit Refresh. It ask to connect to data source. After entering credentials the extract process started and I received below error after few minutes.


      Can you please help what are the steps we need to follow to upgrade and refresh extract after that.



      When I try to refresh Custom SQL I get below error


      Bad Connection: Tableau could not connect to the data source.

      [Qubole][Qubole] (70) Error received from REST request: Operation timed out after 300006 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

      Unable to create extract