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    Dynamic filtering using parameter when multiple variables on a graph


      Hi there,


      It is couple of days I am stuck on a problem I encountered in tableau.


      Let me explain:


      I have a graph that shows more measures it shows Bank data (in red) it shows Peers data (in green ) and then it shows overall sample data Box plots.


      The graphs works with parameters where it is possible to select reported period Bank name Items to show on the graph, so the graph is dynamic.


      I have in another sheets some filters which are added to context in order to select business models peers, Other banks name and Country these three filters show only relevant values therefore value in one excludes values in another if they are not present. let's say a pick up a Bank which is not present in UK therefore it excludes UK from the filters country.


      Now I would like these filters to work also in this other sheet but the problem is that I want them to apply only to the Peers data (the line in green on the graph) and I do not want the box Plots to move they have to show data for the entire sample while the red line which are bank data moves with a parameter "select Bank". I can not use parameters because I need context filters which are already set in another sheet.


      Please also note that the measures are constructed using calculated field.



      AVG(If [JST] = [Parameters].[Select JST] or [Parameters].[Select JST] = 'All' Then  [Item value] End)



      Peers data

      AVG(If [BMC] = [Select BMC] or [Select BMC] = 'All' Then  [Item value] End)     ----> The problem is here. I do not want this to move with parameter but with filters and I want all the rest stay stable!



      Please note that the graph is dynamic it shows different objects


      These are the way in wich the data for box plots are selected



      CASE [Select Item]

      WHEN "I total loans" THEN [I total loans]

      WHEN "I *** loans hh tot" THEN [I *** loans hh tot]

      WHEN "I *** loans nfc tot" THEN [I *** loans nfc tot]

      WHEN "I tot loans real" THEN [I total loans real]

      WHEN "I *** loans fin tot" THEN [I *** loans fin tot]

      WHEN "I total depos real " THEN [I total depos real]

      WHEN "I lia depos hh tot" THEN [I LIA depos hh tot]

      WHEN "I lia depos nfc tot" THEN [I LIA depos nfc tot]

      WHEN "I total depos" THEN [I total depos]




      Please do not ask to share the dataset or the sheets since i am suing sensible data I can share the graph!



      I Would be really grateful if someone can help me!


      Thanks in advance