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    Tableau Translation Quality

    Danielle Marcos

      Greetings -

      My name is Danielle Marcos and I am the Product Manager for our Product Internationalization team. So think along the lines of globalization, internationalization, localization and translation of our product documentation, user interface, maps, mobile...

      Specifically, I want to hear from you if you have any feedback about our translation quality in our product. Are we doing a great job? If so, what is the best example? Could we be doing a better job? What specifically should we consider improving on? The bottom line: Is the linguistic quality getting in the way of your creative deep analysis?

      If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions - please feel free to share your story with me in this thread, message or email.

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          Russell Christopher

          Tableau's UI has been localized to these languages:


          ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 21 05.32.jpg


          Tableau can display any unicode character set, however - which means you can "see" any language you need inside the dashboards you want.

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            Hello Danielle,


            First I'm Chinese and I also frequently use Japanese in work.

            Overall I prefer to use English version of Tableau, including online documents.

            The reason is that, English is the original language for Tableau. It's the most precise one.

            Sometimes, in order to communicate with customer/colleague, I also use localized ones.


            My experience is,

            - Overall, Translations (CN & JP) for Tableau Desktop and Server are good, though there is problem of nuance.

              Localized ones have some subtle difference, compared to English, sometimes causing misunderstanding


            - Online document translations, especially Japanese ones, have more problems. Some are difficult to understand, and some are incorrect even.


            By the way, just now I found a Chinese translation problem for Tableau Desktop (10.2 beta1).


            Chinese error message

            The message has grammar problem and is not readable.


            English couterpart



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              Karla Wagner

              Hi Lei Chen,

              I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that we did see your response and immediately had our Chinese translators fix the error message in Tableau version 2017.3. The current translation is:






              Thank you very much for your feedback!!!



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                Karla Wagner

                We now have a new Tableau Community Internationalization Space where you can post your feedback as well! 

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                  Hello Karla,


                  Thank you very much for keeping this post in your mind and the kidn feedback!


                  YES, the translation is much better.

                  However it would be better with a small change.













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                    Karla Wagner

                    Thank you again Lei Chen!


                    I have sent your suggestion to our Chinese translators to fix in the next version of Tableau.