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    training video for Profile Pane

    Artie Simek

      hi all, i'm following the tableau training videos for data prep by Lari McEdwards.

      in the video for the Profile Pane, when I get to the part where you drag the "Information" card over the "Info" card (4 minutes 40 seconds), Data Prep bombs with this msg:


      Something went wrong and the application needs to restart.


      Click Save As to save your work before restarting. Unsaved changes will be lost when the application restarts.




      Cannot read property 'drop' of undefined

        at https:/

        at Array.forEach(<anonymous>)

        at forEach(webpack://LoomTestApi.name]/node_modules/dnd-core/lib/actions/dragDrop.js.123:0

        at apply (webpack://LoomTestApi.[name]/node_modules/dnd-core/lib/DragDrogManagerImpl.js:40

        at drop(webpack://LoomTestApi.[name]/node_modules/react-dnd-touch-backend/dist/Touch.js:55


      I am using the 14 day trail version of Data Prep.

      anyone else having the same issue?

      thanks in advance.