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    Individual vs. Group Performance

    Jesse Upfold



      I am hoping to show the performance of an individual and do a side by side comparison of that individuals group/teams performance.


      So, lets say I have a relatively simple data set showing revenue for 10 agents split over 2 teams (see below). I'd like the end user to be able to select a single agent, say agent 1 and then display both that agents revenue (1000) and that agents entire teams revenue (3300) as well.


      I fee like this should be very simple, but I cannot figure it out.


      Please let me know if you can help!






      Agent 1Team A1000
      Agent 2

      Team A

      Agent 3Team A800
      Agent 4Team A600
      Agent 5Team A400
      Agent 6Team B700
      Agent 7Team B600
      Agent 8Team B600
      Agent 9Team B800
      Agent 10Team B1000