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    Help with Data Formatting

    Richard Chandler

      Hi Helpful Peeps!


      I have a spreadsheet with 4 tabs.  Each tab has the same employee job codes and each tab represents a different set of data. Actual, Foretasted, Scheduled, and Standard.

      I need to compare all of these data sets with each other and I am a bit stuck.  As you can see in the spreadsheet (attached), the dates go across from left to right on each sheet.

      I first tried to make a union with all the tables by position, that didn't work. How is the best way to "join" all this data?

      What I ultimately need to do is sum the hours on each tab by position for a set of dates; for example

           Between 1/1/18 and 1/15/18 what was the total actual hours

           What was the total Forecast hours

           What is the difference between these two sums?


      What is the best way to organize the data so that I can easily create some charts using this data? I feel like my data is not in the correct format to work with it in Tableau and am a bit stuck on this one. Any help is appreciated!