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    Tableau Server data engine storing old extracts

    Roberto Lapuente

      I'm on Tableau Server 2018.1 on Linux.


      My Tableau Server is running out of disk space because for some reason it's storing old versions of the same extract.

      I have a 20+ gb extract that has been refreshed several times in the past 2 days but after each refresh, tableau is keeping the new and the old version of the extract on disk.


      If I go to /var/opt/tableau/tableau_server/data/tabsvc/dataengine/extract There's a bunch of folder but 8 of them are really big:

      /5d 22.2 GiB

      /c2 21.9 GiB

      /44 21.9 GiB

      /f1 20.9 GiB

      /c7 20.9 GiB

      /9e 20.9 GiB

      /3c 20.9 GiB


      And all of them contain a the .hyper file for the same extract. Based on the folder modification date I can tell 5d is the last one but I don't understand why this is happening.

      Tableau is using 7 times as much disk space as it should be using, and usually it uses around 40gb extra when doing the refresh. My main problem is that my server doesn't have those extra 40gb because this files are using 120gb more than they should.


      Anyone knows how I can fix this? Even if it's not a permanent fix, can I just manually delete those files without breaking anything?


      Help please

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