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    Repeat result for non null result in all other rows

    Tom Barnes

      Good Morning  Community,


      I have a data table with daily data and a value for each day.  What I'm trying to do is create a calculation that finds the third tuesday of every month.  I have successfully created the calculation to do this.  What I am struggling with is I need it to return the value for every day thereafter until the next third Tuesday of the month at which time the value should change to the new value.


      Here is my calculation to get the third Tuesday value returned:


      If Day([Report Date])>=15 AND Day([Report Date])<=21 AND DATENAME('weekday',[Report Date])="Tuesday" Then [Avg Mostly] END


      I have attached the workbook.


      So in the sheet you can see we have the report date and then the contract price that is calculated for every day so it repeats correctly.  Then we have that same contracted price calculation, but using our third Tuesday of the month calculation so it only shows for each Third Tuesday of the month, I need it to calculate for each day and then change each third Tuesday of the month.  I hope that makes sense.




      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!  Thank you in advance!