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    Date filter dynamically updating title on one worksheet, same date filter showing "All to All" on all others




      Thanks in advance for your help.


      I'm applying a date filter (slider showing range of dates, user slides lower and upper bound) on several worksheets. The filter seems to be working, but the title which pulls the start and end date from this filter, is only working on the first filter.


      Here's the title format on each of my worksheets-


      Worksheet XYZ

      for period starting <AGG(Date(WindowMin)(Title))> and ending <AGG(Date(WindowMax)(Title))>


      Calculations as follows-


      DATE(WINDOW_MAX( MAX( [Date variable]) ))



      DATE(WINDOW_MIN( MIN( [Date variable]) ))


      On the very first sheet, the filter works and the title updates as expected. On all other worksheets, using the same exact source data and calculations and filter, the filter works but the title displays

      Worksheet XYZ

      for period starting ALL and ending ALL


      instead of showing dates, ALL is displayed.


      Any idea why this could be happening?