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    Auto Forward Subscription Emails

    Ray Squires

      We have some Tableau Server reports generating subscription emails. For some reports most of the users only need the email view and a few need to click through and interact. In our early stages of this type of distribution we have been putting all of the users on the server with Viewer site roles. Now that we’re gaining some experience we feel we’re wasting licenses for the people that only need the email.


      We we feel a good solution will be to have one of the subscribers set up an Outlook rule to forward the email. This weekend I searched the forum and found multiple posts where this was a recognized solution. So, why am I posting?  A year ago I was working on a Reader issue and patterned a solution based on things I found on the Forum only to find out these techniques weren’t covered by the EULA, even thigh they were on Tableau’s own forum. Luckily we checked before putting the technique in use. I’ve looked through the EULA for the email forwarding practice and I didnt see anything that appeared to be an issue. Has this ever been asked and answered?



      Ray S