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    How to create two sheet using two subsets of one dimension and use them in different dashboards with the same filter?

    Maryam Runiassy

      Greetings Tableau community,


      I am trying to create two dashboards, one trend and one diagnostic. Let's assume this is my data source:


      In my trend dashboard, I want to create a stackbar chart with "Category" and number of records for each category. Then I want to add the "Size" dimension as the "color". However, in my trend dashboard, I want to only include the non-null values. I want to have both category and size as filters in my dashboard, but with only the relevant values.


      In my diagnostic dashboard, I want to create a chart with two bars: Null and Non-Null and the number of records for each portion. I also want to have the same two filters, "category" and "dimension" in this dashboard as well, but want to see all the values this time.

      I want the dashboards to interact with each other, meaning if I select a category or size in the trend dashboard, the diagnostic should reflect my choice and vice versa.


      Here are the steps I have taken:

      In the first worksheet for the trend dashboard, I created the graph on everything and then just excluded the portions when the size value was "NULL" using the legend.

      Then I added the sheet and the filters to the dashboard.

      Then I created the second sheet taking the following step:

      - I created a set on the size and grouped the values into null vs. non-null.

      - Then I used it as columns as well as the color filter with the number of records as the size of each bar.

      - I added this sheet to my diagnostic dashboard as well as the filters. Upon adding filters.

      Problem: When I checked "all values" for "Size" filter in the diagnostic dashboard and went back to the trend dashboard, the "NULL" values were visible in my sheet in the Trend dashboard as well.


      Is there any way that I can create these two dashboards, one with only the non-null subset of the data, apply the same set of filters on both and make them interactive?


      I really appreciate your help and would love to hear from you.