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    Date Over Date - Table

    Joaquín Chemile



      I'm trying to create a DoD calculation in a Tableau View.


      For Example, in the WoorkBook attached I would like to see the Last 30 days variation as a Percentage.


      DoD Example.JPG


      It's is possible to see the variation under the metric in the same view?



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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Joaquin,


          You can place more than one field on your label mark so that you can have the metrics on top and the 30 days variation underneath.  For the Last 30 Days variation, how are you calculating that? Is that the 30 day period prior to the filter?  Or the last 30 days in the filter?  Or something else?




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            Deepak Rai

            One Idea,

            If You are looking to fix a date and want to go 30 days back using that, you need to create a  parameter and your parameter  value and your selected order date values when match, you may create a Calc to get 30 days back data and show.