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    Altering values above 10 character incorrectly

    Andrew Klein

      Hi Everyone, I'm getting quite an odd problem.


      Tableau is changing my data once it ticks over to 10 characters, the field in question contains both text and numbers, but is chiefly used to display the numbers. for example the value 50316458 is displayed ocrrectly in tableau, but the value 6000151245 from the source data comes over as 6000150000. These values are unique reference numbers that I cannot change, and cannot have their format changed


      The source in question is a google sheet document, that has the values set to be text values using the TO_TEXT function.





      I've tried making the data a string, and making a calculated field that is a string, as well as floating the data, but neither gives me the correct information.


      Unfortunately I can't share the data source or workbook due to some confidential information, but any help would be much appreciated.


      The data source is published to a server and extracted everyday at 2am.