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    Help with Month over Month difference - 10.4

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      Thanks so much for taking a look

      On the attached, I'm a little stuck on what is probably considered an elementary problem.

      On dashboard 1, I have a very simple view that shows the countd of my sold to customers and the difference month over month.

      My problem is,  for the difference in distinct count I would like to show the aggregate difference not the difference for each month. So, if the user selects the timeframe of July 2018 - September 2018 I would want this column to display 1 (-5 + 6). My workbook is attached. thanks!




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          Jim Dehner

          Good afternoon

          not certain that I full understand the goal but if the goal is to determine the running total just open the table calc for difference and set like shown below





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