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        Ej Hikel

        I opened a case (#04323840) but have not received an update from Tableau.  My ticket is around my test server, so the urgency is low.

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          Andie Whitley LaMantia

          Yes- We are starting to see cases on this and get them sorted through. I would suggest creating a case yourself as well, even if my response to the thread (which I'm about to post) resolves the issue. knowing the number of cases generated by an issue really helps drive change in the product!

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            Patrick Tucker

            Great! I hit submit on 04355356 seconds before I saw your email. Hope your fix works!

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              Andie Whitley LaMantia

              Hi there-


              I've been looking into this issue from the tier one side, and what I'm hearing from dev and tier two is this:


              This is expected if you inadvertently use the windows uninstall process (add/remove programs)  on a TSM version of Tableau Server before upgrading to the newest version. There are also a few instances were a partial install triggered the issue.


              With TSM, the expectation from the software is that users will, with tableau Server still running, Install the newest version of the software. Once all the configuration is complete, you run the command to move to the new version, and traffic starts going to the upgraded version. only then should the windows uninstallation process be used.  If Add/remove programs is used to uninstall Tableau server without a newer version installed, everything goes wacky. there are a bunch of different errors that might present themselves, this being one of them.  If you are stuck in this place, you have a few options: 1) nuke and pave- start with a clean server.


              2) Run the obliterate script. You may have to dig through your program files /tableau/tableau server folder to make sure that all partial installations have been wiped- for example, if you tried to install 2018.2.0 and it failed, and you gave up and rolled back to pre tsm,  and then later, tried to install 2018.2.2, which was still a problem, so you tried 2018.3- you will have to run three different obliterate scripts: one for the failed 2018.2.0 instance, one for 2018.2.2, and one for 2018.3, so that no partial installs are set up.  There is a plan to have a pop up box warning about this on the add/remove programs uninstallation process,  but we are still waiting to hear about when it will be release:


              Now, for the important thing: How can you help?   Vote early, vote often!  I'm going to search the ideas forum to try to see if anyone has requested changes to this uninstall process/ etc-BUT for these to be considered by the development team and prioritized, we need customer feedback. you can vote on that idea (I'll ether find it and link it below, or create one) -but you can also create a ticket to be added to our internal documentation. The case ether needs to have an error (make sure to include the error you got), or a "feature request" - and you can even include the link here so it's clear what the end-goal is- but we really need to hear from you that this is causing frustration and difficulty.


              I'll update below with whatever relevant links I find in the ideas forum!


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                Andie Whitley LaMantia

                And here is the Idea forum Idea I created. I'm insterested to hear what other people's thoughts on this are:


                Improvements to the TSM uninstall/ obliterate process for Windows Machines


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                  Collections Marketing Center License Management

                  I am running into same exact issue in my Linux server

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