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    Connecting CSV w/ Spatial Files Help!!!

    Christine Crews

      Hi Sarah Battersby,

      I saw your post on dual axis mapping and we are having trouble getting a spatial file and CSV file to join on Tableau. We currently have, attached in the Tableau packaged file, a spatial file that has the city of Chicago community points. We are trying to plot the data points in the city of Chicago spatial file with the "Dropoff Centroid Long" data points (lat, long) located in the CSV file (NORTH SIDE). We are receiving an error from Tableau when we try to join both datasets. We tried to use "Dropoff Community" located in the CSV file and "Area Number" located in the KML (spatial) file, since they share commonalities, as the primary keys to connect each file, but it does not work.


      Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


      Thanks in advance for all your support!!



      P.S please see attached packaged workbook to get an idea of our datasets.