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    Problems with tableau public How-to Videos

    Fabrizio Benedetti

      Hello everybody,


      I am totally new of Tableau.  I downloaded Tableau Public and I am using it under the windows emulator (WINE) in Ubuntu.

      I was trying to follow the video How-to ( https://public.tableau.com/en-us/s/resources   ) but even the simplest thing doesn't works (but I don't think it's a problem related to the emulator).

      For instance take the video "tableau public overview" at minute 2:16.   The person doing the video simply drag and drop the Dimennsion

      "Country name" in the central drop field.

      Here is what happens when I do that, you may see near my mouse pointer the sign of "prohibition" (see the image in attachment).

      Anyway, I am still able to continue by selecting the data and one of the option in the "Show Me" side menu.

      I try after to change the colors as it is done in the video.

      At minute 3:00 the person on the video simply drag the Measure "CO2 Per Capita" on the "Color".

      I can't do that, again I get the sign of prohibition (see the other image in attachment).

      After this it start to be very difficult to reproduce what she does.


      I am using tableau pubic 10.4.2

      Any help?