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    Default value for parameter

    Niklas Axelsson

      I know this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the latest one that can give a firm answer:


      Is it possible to set a default, initial, value for a parameter in Tableau? Moreover, is i possible to have this contingent on the value of another parameter or dimension?


      So for instance, having two time-series A and B with the same measures/dimensions etc., I would like to scale a specific measure within these using the above mentioned parameter. The initial scaling value, however, is supposed to be different depending on time-series A or B.


      Any thoughts here?


      Thank you

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          try to create duplicate fields for A and B and try it should workout... value will be same but fields are different.. if you use same value then it will be difficult to achieve.

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            Jim Dehner


            Currently parameters are static values set by the user and are selected from a pre-set list of options - that said parameters don't do anything by themselves - they need to be included in a calculation or a filter -  I can't tell from your post hw the 'scaling factor' is calculated - perform that calculation to determine the "initial scaling factor"  then use a parameter to adjust the value  --- e.g [parameter value]*[calculated initial scaling factor]


            the parameter could then take on values based on a "Range" e.g. -1 to 1 with steps of .1




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              Niklas Axelsson



              This is most likely the "best" solution to this one... even though I would of course like one parameter to just change default value depending on a dimension value.


              So, e.g.


                   IF Dimension_1 = 'A' Then

                        Parameter default value = 1.0

                   ELSE IF Dimension_2 = 'B' Then

                        Parameter default value = 2.0



              Then I could use the value of the parameter in other calculated fields, that would automatically update depending on choice of 'A' or 'B'.