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    How to apply two non null values in a filter




      I have for example 2 ids.

      ID 1 has values for fields Val1 and Val2.

      ID 2 has values only for field Val1.


      I want to make a dual axis with Val1 and Val2.


      The problem is applying the filter by using non null values for both Val1 and Val2 results in true for the the ID 1 but false for ID 2.


      Note, that I must use the non null for both Val1 and Val2 because in reality I am running a function (which gives as result Val1 and Val2) which requires non null values.


      For example:


      In sheet 1, works ok because we have both values.

      In sheet 2, it shows nothing because both conditions not met (I would like to show only Val1).


      Now, as I told , in reality I am running a function to generate Val1 and Val2, so a workaround as in sheets 3 and 4 is not possible because it returns Function expected 7148 values; 7145 values were returned or other error due to null values.



      I can't figure a workaround for this kind of problem.