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    Need to identify Reconcilied value for YTD and MTD

    Shivaraj Sajjan

      Dear Team,


      Good Evening!!!

      I need one quick help


      We should consider the Value for the months which has the number "1" only and we should consider only once even if the vendor repeats multiple times across the months for company.


      Category, Year of Reconciliation, Months, YTD and MTD are the filters here.

      Output file.PNG


      For example:  Category : Trade Principal.

      We have total 2 vendors of value 11400000(6300000+5100000) but reconciled once (5100000).

      Even though value 1 is updated in feb,may, aug, sep, oct and dec, we should consider only once.


      Annual Purchase Value (in AED M) are constant irrespective of Months.


      How MTD works:

      When they select Jan, reconciled is zero since there no value. Reconciled is 1 when it goes feb.


      How YTD works: When they select Jan, reconciled is zero since there is  no value. When they select aug, reconciled is 1 since we should not consider repeated value from jan to Aug and annual purchase value should be 5100000.


      Kindly Note: This is very important requirement. We are able to achieve MTD but unable to achieve YTD reconciled values.


      Much appreciated your quick reply.