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    Unable to find how to extract data

    Laila Sprejer



      I've seen this question before but still didn't find how to... when I try to save my dashboard to Tableau Public this error message appears


      But I cannot find how to export data!


      If I right click the data source I only see 3 options:

      Edit connection, rename and remove.


      And in the data menu the only export option is to csv...



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          It looks like you are using Tableau Public Desktop?

          The Datasource tab in Public Desktop is lacking the "Extract" radio button:

          Re: What is the difference between Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop Public?


          And it looks like Public Desktop is supposed to automatically save and extractupon publishing:

          "Can I save to Tableau Public a workbook with a live connection to a data source?

          It is only possible to have a live data connection to a Tableau Public workbook if you use a Google sheets data source. You can then select to have the Google sheets  automatically every 24 hours. For all other data sources (like excel or a csv) it is not possible to save to Tableau Public any workbooks with a live connection to a data source. An extract needs to be generated. When saving a workbook to Tableau Public from Tableau Desktop Professional edition, a data source extract needs to be generated by the user.  In the case of Tableau Desktop Public Edition, the extract is automatically generated when saving the workbook to Tableau Public on the web."


          From: Tableau Public Frequently Asked Questions


          Alternatively, is there an "Extract  Data" option in the Data Menu?:


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            Alexa D'Arienzo

            I am having the same issue as Laila.


            The Tableau Desktop Public (version 2018.3) instructions specifically mention that you have to manually extract your data, but the app interface does not look the same as what they show in their instructions.




            I have reached out to Tableau Support about this, and the jist of their response was that they don't provide support for Tableau Public because it is free. If anyone has any idea what's causing this, please let me know.