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    Calculated field with key value that hasdifferent number of records

    Andrea Schiavi

      Hi everyone,

      I need your help kindly. I have created a workbook with multiple datasources (web service from Webi BO) that they have different measure values. On every datasource there is a measure values that I check according the following script: IF SUM(Measure1)>-10 AND SUM(Measure1)<10 THEN "No Open Items" ELSE "Open Items" END. I do the same check with other 8 measure values that there are in the other data sources. The data sources are in "blend relationship" with one Key value.

      ISSUE: In every data source, the key value has different number of records. There are different cases when the key value hasn't row with a specific measure value. For this cases my script result every time "Open Items",but this is incorrect. According my reasoning the result should be "No Open Items".

      How can I solve this issue?


      P.S: I hope I made you understand my problem.

      I'm sorry but I can't post the workbook for privacy issue.



      Thank you for your attention