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    Conditional filtering by using parameters in Dashboard level

    Nagendra Babu

      Hi All,


      I have fields Month,Days,and Dates by using this fields i created parameter, here i shown as parameter control in dashboard.


      But i want to show, if i selected CY Month=Jan then show like this.


      Note:Here these three fields are filters (Parameter Control) in dashboard.

      Please help me with the solution


      If Cy Month=JanDays 01.1 Wk0116-Dec-17
      Days 01.2 Wk0223-12-2017
      Days 01.3 Wk0330-12-2017
      Days 01.4 Wk0406-01-2018
      Days 01.5 Wk0513-01-2018
      Days 01.6 Wk06NA
      Days 01 Feb 22d Dec16-Jan1919-01-2018
      If Cy Month=FebDays 01.1 Wk0120-01-2018
      Days 01.2 Wk0221-01-2018
      Days 01.3 Wk0328-01-2018
      Days 01.4 Wk0429-01-2018
      Days 01.5 Wk0504-02-2018
      Days 01.6 Wk06NA
      Days 01 Feb 22d Dec16-Jan1910-02-2018


      Thanks and Regards,