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    Append QoQ change to year/quarter table calculation




      I have a table where I am displaying the number of interactions of a product using two different sales channels. The data is split out by year and then by quarter. I would like to add the latest QoQ growth/decline for each of the sales channels to the end of the existing table calculation in my dashboard.


      Without having to update code every few weeks to get the latest QoQ figure how can I incorporate this data into my existing table. If this is not possible is it best to create a standalone worksheet for QoQ and place it next to the existing table calculation?


      I am aware of the YoY quick calc but I couldn't find any info for QoQ. Ideally the QoQ figures for the interaction types would be tacked onto the end of the 2018-Q3 figures.


      My existing table calculation looks as follows: