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    Tabjolt Installation error - Integration with TSM(Tableau Services Manager)

    Parth Upadhyay

      Currently I am trying to explore Tabjolt for Tableau: 2018.3 version. And I am facing a road block while installing Tabjolt.


      As suggested in the guide, I am installing tabjolt on a new EC2 windows machine(m4.xlarge) separate from actual Tableau Server.


      I am using installation guide from below:

      I think the issue lies Tabjolt integration with TSM in the latest version of tabjolt - TabJolt 2018.2.0 Installer


      When I am entering “OS Login Credentials” correctly I am still getting below error.


      "Unable to log into Tableau Services Manager. Please double check that the username and password are correct"



      Also I am able to successfully connect with Tableau Server when i am entering Tableau Server Admin credentials in Step 1.


      I am able to get the proper list of Views as well in Step 2.


      It is only the last step “OS Login Credentials”  i am facing problem.


      Latest Update -

      I was able to successfully run the Tabjolt results for the Tableau Server box.


      So this is really strange that the last step of installation (Tabjolt integration with TSM) did not complete still Tabjolt is working as expected.


      Any updates on this would be greatly appreciated!!