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    Simple Parameter (/Filter?) for Week, Month or YTD

    Mark Hardiman

      Hello, very simple question that is driving me nuts to work out.

      I have a data source that has Week Number as a field (integer). I'd like a simple parameter (or toggle, or filter or wot not) to move between only showing the data for the current Week, current Month or Year on the dashboard.

      Sample data attached.

      I've converted the Week Number into a date using 'DATEADD('week',[Week],#2017-12-29#)'. [WEEK] is the week number. And I've set  up a Parameter for Week/Month/Year.

      Tried a number of combinations of things but can't find the right solution.


      In natural language, I think what I am looking for is a Calculated Field that does something like:

      CASE [Week, Month or Year to Date]

      WHEN 'Week' Then 'Show me only the current week'

      WHEN 'Month' Then 'Show me only the current month'

      WHEN 'Week' Then 'Show me the year'



      and then add that to a filter.


      Tableau Desktop 2018.1


      Any help really appreciated.

      (very newbie..)