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    Highlighting The Dates in Common

    Mohammed Parvez

      Dear Tableau Experts,


      I hope you guys are doing well. I was preparing Department Monthly Attendance Dashboard.Where we have 5 employees and their respective annual leaves.


      I have created monthly calendar, where in the  calendar will shows number of weekends, leaves and holidays in a month.


      But i was unable to present what if two people are on leave on same day.


      Example: Employee A and Employee B are going on leave.


      A- 01-Jan-2018 till 13-Jan-2018

      B  10-Jan-2018 till 12-Jan-2018.


      In the above mentioned case, employee A and Employee B are on leave on during 10 till 12 of january, same days two employee are not available.



      A dashboard should show, A and B employee's total leaves from date to date and also the dates which are common between both of them.(10 till 12 Jan)



      All your ideas, notes are highly appreciated.