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    Show missing values dimensions on the X-axis

    sander van der Velden

      Hi Guys,


      I have a question regarding missing values on the X-axis of a side-by-side stacked bar chart.

      I have a comparison between this year and last year, but if there are no figures of last year or this year, it will not show (of course).

      But is there a simple way to show these empty columns?


      I have 2 dimensions on the X-axis, 1 one to highlight the 2 years, and the other to make distinction between the different product categories.

      Below you can see 3 product categories, the first only has figures for 2019, the second has figures in both years, and the third has only figures for last year.

      I would like to see an empty spot, with a label w2018 in the first product category, and a empty spot with label w2019 in the third category.