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    Dashboard action , with ranks

    ashish saboo

      Hi , let

      I have a pie chart which shows total sales by sub product,and I have a details tab where I have products and sub products.I have a requirement that if I click on the sub product in PIE chart , my detail tab should give me the product, sub product and top 3 stores in order of sale of the sub product.

      Any help is appreciated.





      Please find the sample, the PI chart shows how many times a particular product had a max sale in any store.When I click on that the detail tab gets filtered by product.This is standard operation. My requirement is when I click on lets say phone, I should get all stores where the phone was top seller and which product was 2 and 3 in that store. I have attached my requirement , if I click on phone then I should see what is shown in the .png.