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    Help with a count calc

    Sheryl Ramos



      I'm working on something that should be relatively simple, but I'm struggling. The calc I'm using is below. The problem that I have is that one record could have one or more of these codes and the way I have it written right now makes it exclude line items that have more than one T code. How can I adjust it so that if a line item has (for example) both a GOA and a Jumpstart, that they both get counted? The 'ELSEIF' makes the calc stop once its reached the first criteria.


      Thanks in advance!


      T Codes Calc:


      IF [Code_T0] = 1

          THEN 'GOA'

      ELSEIF [Code_T1] = 1

          THEN 'Tire Service'

      ELSEIF [Code_T3] = 1

          THEN 'Jumpstart'

      ELSEIF [Code_T5] = 1

          THEN 'Fuel Delivery'

      ELSEIF [Code_T6] = 1

          THEN 'Tow'

      ELSEIF [Code_T7] = 1

          THEN 'Lockout'

      ELSEIF [Code_T8] = 1

          THEN 'EXT/Winching'

      ELSEIF [Code_T9] = 1

          THEN 'Miscellaneous'