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    Unable to Start Subscription Service on tableau Server 10.5.7

    Sophie Dutt

      Hi There,


      We have recently upgraded our Tableau Server (Windows) to 10.5.7 from 10.1.3. We did not had subscription services enabled earlier. It is only after upgrade that we thought of enabling subscription.


      Have thoroughly followed Tableau Server Subscription Configuration notes on Tableau Knowledge Base but still getting the below  error :The subscription icon is appearing on the views though


      Couldn't connect to host, port: ***, 25; timeout -1

      java.lang.RuntimeException: some subscriptions were not sent successfully


      We also have SQL server hosted on the same server and SSRS reports are being relayed through the mail Server.


      • The mail server is unencrypted and does not require username/password
      • Enable TLS is unchecked
      • The data source password is embedded in the workbook
      • The user receiving subscription have their e mail updated


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated