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    Help defining LOD or calculated field?




      I have attached a 2018.3 packaged workbook.  My problem is with the first sheet (image below). 

      whats needed.png

      The first circled column (September 2018 - Award Date field) and second circled column (October 2018 - Award Date field) have the correct calculations for what I need.  Open Claim Month field = Adjusting Loc Recd Date in the underlying Data->View Data file.   I need only those two columns to display so it looks like this:


                                                 September 2018                 October 2018

      3rd Party C&R                                                                                   1

      C&R                                                           5                                     8

      Findings and Award                                                                          1

      Stipulated Award                                       4                                      2

      Grand Total                                                9                                    12


      The counts for the months should count the number of distinct claim numbers that have an Open Claim Month (Adjusting Loc Recd Date) within September 2018 (and then October 2018) and also have have an Award Date within September 2018(and then October 2018). 


      I think it might be something like a Level of Detail using include/exclude but I can't make it work.  I also think the solution might be obvious to someone with more a bit more knowledge of Tableau than I have.


      Any and all help appreciated.  Thank you.