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    Average Time Difference in HH:MM:SS from given two dates



      I have a data set that has received and processed times by cust_id.

      Aim:To get average time take to process by cust_id in -hh:mm:ss.


      Here are the calculations I did so far..

      Time difference in seconds:        ([Processed time]-[Sent time])*86400

      avg.Time difference in seconds:avg([Time difference in seconds])

      hh:mm:ss calculation:                 IIF([avg.Time difference in seconds] % 60 == 60,0,[avg.Time difference in seconds] % 60)// seconds

      + IIF(INT([avg.Time difference in seconds]/60) %60 == 60, 0, INT([avg.Time difference in seconds]/60) %60) * 100 //minutes

      + INT([avg.Time difference in seconds]/3600) * 10000 //hours

      After changing the format to HH:MM;SS ,I don't see any numbers.Any thoughts on resolving this issue will of great help.Attached are the workbook and sample data.