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    Tableau extract refresh in desktop


      Hi All,

      The current dashboard is developed using one of our client's hive source. So, I disconnect from it and connected to our own hive source. After connecting to our own data source I choose "Extract" option which created the extract with 134000 records. Some of the columns are showing in red color as they are not available in the new data source. As I know the mappings I replaced each column with "Replace references" option in the tableau. Every worksheet worked well. But after adding some more records in my data source I want to reflect them in each worksheet. For that, we need to refresh the extract which we are currently connected to. I used the option "Extract" ---> "Refresh" to refresh. After refresh, it will automatically do the full refresh and created the new extract. When new extract created all the worksheets showing empty. I didn't see any red marks in "marks" or "Filter" pane.


      Could you please suggest what is the mistake I have done in this process.



      Sai Krishna.