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    PERCENTILE function gone?

    Justin Pulley

      In a previous version of Tableau desktop (2018.1.4 I think) I created a workbook using PERCENTILE as follows


      PERCENTILE({FIXED [Short Id] : [Total Duration] },.9)


      in 2018.3 This is erroring as an unknown function.  What can I do to replicate this as it is used in another calculation.


      IF [TP90] <= [UPG Goal]

          THEN "Met"

      ELSE "Exceeded"


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          Don Wise

          Hi Justin,

          Not sure what you're connecting to in terms of data source, but my experience has been, if you're connecting to certain types of DB's the PERCENTILE function is not available unless you perform an Extract first.  Then it will be available to you.  Hope that helps?  Thx, Don

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            Jim Dehner

            Don is correct - Percentile and some other functions need to look at data at the record level - if the data is live and coming from some d/bs those functions will not be available

            so -if you can try extracting the data - the record level calculations will then be available



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              Justin Pulley



              Yep forgot when I replaced the data source to mark the new one as an extract.  Thanks.