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    Updating Custom SQL and impacts to Incremental Refresh

    Kevin Doherty

      Hello, I just had a quick question to verify some behavior I am seeing with Tableau Desktop (Version 10.1).


      A Data Connection using Custom SQL creating an extract that was hitting a large volume of data. Due to the size the extract was setup to Incremental Refreshes. The Custom SQL criteria was setup to always look back 2 months... it seems now this requirement has changed and they would like to now pull in Previous Month as well.


      I am finding that when I update the Custom SQL that it will always invoke a Full Refresh of the Extract File and I lose the ability to do an Incremental unless the Full Refresh occurs. Is this an expected behavior? Is there anyway to override a Full Refresh occurring and just do an Incremental after the SQL change.. since we are just now looking to bring in Previous Month data only as the net new add.


      Hope this explanation is clear.. would appreciate any feedback.

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          Michael Gillespie

          Kevin, if I recall correctly, when you change the Custom SQL, as far as Tableau is concerned, that is a brand new data connection.  that's why you can't do an incremental: you HAVE to do a full refresh first.

          Then you will be able to do an incremental refresh, but not until the full load is done.


          Is there a reason that you are doing this via custom SQL rather than a materialized view, or maybe even a Data Source filter?

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