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    Counting number of studios visited per customer per year

    Jonathan Garret



      I run fitness studios and I would like to get the breakdown of my customers based on the number of studios they visited each year (i.e x% visited only one studio in 20xx, x% 2 studios, etc....)


      Each customer has a unique "customer ID" and for each of his class attented, I get the date and the name of the studio.


      I tried to use { FIXED [Customer Id]:COUNTD([studio])} but what happened is that it associates to each customer ID the number of studios visited over the whole period of my data and doesnt change every year (see below). So for example, we only add 1 studio in 2015 but as some of our customers later visited new studios, they are counted as people who visited more than one studio in 2015. Any idea how I could fix that?




      Capture d’écran 2018-11-07 à 12.39.35.png