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    Unable to calculate eCommerce conversion %

    dev leena

      Hi everyone,


      I've facing a problem calculating Conversion %


      I have an app. Every day x number of people install . And y pay (I call them orders)

      Therefore, conversion % is (y/x)*100


      Let me describe the workbook attached


      • Data source 1: New Users / Installs
        • This is the day wise install count, split out by "install source" (like Android/iOS) and a couple of other dimensions like "city"
          new users.png
      • Data source 2: Orders
        • This is the day wise users who actually pay, split out by some common fields (like "install source") and some new ones (like "payment gateway")
          paying users.png


      Basic Questions

      • I don't know how to graph a conversion line.
        Basically it should be [total orders / total new users], on a daily basis - but I don't know how to get this done



      Second Level Questions

      • I'd like to calculate conversion % as before - but this time, compare Android vs. iOS as two separate trend lines on the same worksheet.



      Notes / Questions

      • I was wondering if it is better to tackle this problem as two different data sources.
        Should I be instead trying to combine this into one large data set?
        (the process would be to start with the installs table and left join the orders table, on a unique identifier such as customer_id)



      I'd really appreciate any help on this topic.





      Edit: Added the packaged workbook for reference