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    How to know which manager was responsible for a specific sale?


      How are you? I have two databases (unfortunately I cannot disclose it, so I adapted the example below). One contains what unit sold the product and when -- more than 5 million records. Another is a database with data on the units (stores) and who was the manager.


      I want to know how to know what manager was responsible for each sale. One of my problems is the fact that several are still in charge. Could you please help me?


      Database 1: Sales

      ID of SaleUnitDate / Hour
      001_WC_2018West Coast2017-06-01 10:30
      001_EC_2018East Coast2018-01-04 14:30
      001_MW_2018Mid West2017-01-01 18:30


      Database 2: Managers and Stores

      UnitManagerOpening ContractClosing Contract
      West Coast

      Phil Collins

      East CoastRonald Reagan2015-01-13
      Mid WestDonald Trump2013-10-25
      West CoastJimmy Carter2017-05-16