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    Map view : change granularity of data displayed automatically with zoom

    Raphaël FETIQUE


      I am currently working on Tableau Desktop and I was wondering if I could do a map with different layers, that would be activated when zooming in.

      I have now 3 different maps with three scales (departments, zip codes, cities) and different information on each one (depending on the scale).

                                         Scale 1                                                                                      Scale 2 (zoom in compared to scale 1)    



                               Scale 3 (zoom in compared to scale 2)




      I put each one of them on a different dashboards and I can switch from one to another thanks to navigation button (build with calculated fields). But this option is not as clean and intuitive as I wanted.


      Is it possible to have only one map with different layers/scales and, when zooming in, some information are appearing and other are disappearing. Every information would be on the same map.


      Here is an example of a map which is working that way implemented on a french site:



      On this site, only basic information per location is displayed, on which we would like to add pie chart / other data visulations per location.


      I thank you for your help.


      Yours sincerely