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    How to insert date Into caption v2018.1

    Krishna DW



      I have a requirement where  user needs  to screen grab the report with applied filters information at the bottom

      but some reason i was not able to insert date filter


      In above Pic the bottom part was done using caption,but i was not able to give Ship date information,

      is there a way i could get ship date information as last 6 years in caption section


      Also please find attached packaged 2018.1 workbook

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          Jennifer VonHagel

          Hi Krishna,


          I don't think there's a way to grab the "Last 6 Years" text from the relative filter, but how about finding and showing the Date Range actually represented?  The "Last 6 Years" can be misleading anyhow as that is what it allows, not all the dates it actually finds.


          So I calculated Min Ship Date and Max Ship Date as Table calculations, and put them in your caption:

          Min Ship Date: WINDOW_MIN(MIN([Ship Date]))

          Max Ship Date: WINDOW_MAX(MAX([Ship Date]))



          Hope this helps!