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    help with boolean filter

    Sashank Kammili

      hi, i need help with a boolean filter. i have a date range parameter with the values year, quarter, month an day and a date detail calculated field. The calcualted field is like the below.


      CASE [Date Range] WHEN 'Year' THEN STR(DATEPART('year',[Release Dt]))

      WHEN 'Quarter' THEN STR(DATEPART('year',[Release Dt])) + "-" + STR(DATEPART('quarter',[Release Dt]))

      WHEN 'Month' THEN  STR(DATEPART('year',[Release Dt])) +  "-" + [Month Name]

      WHEN 'Day' THEN STR([Release Date Day])



      Now, i have a formula called total count, and I want to show this total count for all the parametr controls year, quarter, month and day. Please help with this on how I can write my boolean filter calculated field, so that I can get the values for total count based on the parameter selection