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    Data extract failure - could not commit JPA transaction

    Scott Henry

      Hello -


      I recently had an extract fail with a rather obscure error that I haven't seen before. The data source is from a SQL server. The extract even takes the standard amount of time, but instead of succeeding like it always has, it throws this error:


      "org.springframework.transaction.TransactionSystemException: Could not commit JPA transaction; nested exception is javax.persistence.RollbackException: Transaction marked as rollbackOnly"


      I don't see anything on Tableau Community describing this error. A network hangup? Timeout (usually has a different error)? The credentials haven't changed, the source still connects just fine, and when I manually re-run the extract, it succeeds in less than 30 seconds. Yet to see if the extract fails over night again. I do notice that I had another extract that took over 2 hours that same night and failed. Looking at the server stats it doesn't look like it pegged the CPU or anything.


      Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing this?