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    Tableau CAGR Cumulative Annual Growth Rate Calculation Along 2 Measures (And Without Measures LOD)


      Hi there Tableau community. Unfortunately, the data that I am dealing with is quite large and is sensitive so I will not be able to share a workbook. With that being said, I will do my best to explain the current functionality that I am trying to add to my Tableau dashboard.


      End Goal: to have CAGR calculated along two measures 'Country' in row shelf, 'Company' in column shelf => COMPARED against one single column which just has the CAGR calculated along the 'Country' measure in one column (not worried about the individual Companies but rather a CAGR of each Country to compare against the CAGR of each company within each country).


      I am using the following formula to successfully calculate the CAGR along the two measures:

      POWER(ZN(SUM([Count]))/LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Count])),-3, ZN(1/3)) - 1


      So the current Text Table that I have built has Countries in the first column, followed by 6 columns each with a different company name. Each of these six columns cells are filled with 3 Year CAGR percentages down each row, specifically for each 'Country'.


      I am running into difficulties while trying to add an additional CAGR calculation where the LOD is simply calculated for each 'Country' (without 'Company') so that the performance of each company can be compared against the CAGR of the 'Country'.


      I have tried to play around with Compute Using but I am getting 6 new columns instead of one and I have not been able to set the worksheet up the way I intended.


      Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide!