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    Stacked Chart - % of Total By Year

    Sean Wong

      Hi All,


      I have a query regarding how Tableau calculates the % on stacked chart, please refer to the below link:


      Tableau Public


      On my chart named 'hires by year', it shows the breakdown of Male and Female employees hired by year. Instead of displaying values, I have selected % of Total and they are displaying correctly (refer to the % in column 5 and 6 in the image)


      On my second chart named 'total by year', I have done a running total to calculate the number of employees by year. However, the % of total is exactly the same as the first chart.

      Since I am reporting the total employees, I want the breakdown in % based on total employees, not based on the # of M/F hires in that year.


      Could you please let me know how I can get the highlighted % on my graph?