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    Calculate the lowest value over the last 6 months




      I have a request from my end-user which includes calculating/selecting the lowest value over the last 6 months. Currently I use the following LoD to return the lowest value on Month of datetime:

      MIN({INCLUDE [code],DATETRUNC('minute', [datetime]): SUM([balance])})


      Which works. But now we want to use the result of this LoD of the last 6 months: so 6 results, when the end user opens the report in october then you see the lowest value over:

      october, september, august, july, june, may


      So the result would be -10.132 since thats the lowest result in those 6 months. And this would be the Ref. Level.


      When selecting september as month then it would be september, august, july, june, may, april. (month, -6)


      The other thing is that the view that they want to see it in only includes the Last TWO months so like this:




      Is this at all possible?