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    Calculate forecast value based on current year sales

    Kristina Ganzen

      Hi, I am trying to calculate a forecast value, e.g. 2018 based on the values in 2017. I have a following data structure


      Product     ASP     Volumes     Sales      YEAR

      Prod A     2          30                    60          2016

      Prod A     1          10                    10          2017

      Prod B     2          20                    40          2017

      Prod A                                                       2018

      Prod B                                                       2018


      Ideally I would like to be able to change the ASP (i.e. price) or Volumes, say by increasing the 2017 values by a certain % and get the new 2018 sales, separated by Prod A and Prod B.


      Hope anyone can help.