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    Selecting Fund/Benchmark Pair

    Mitchell Tappan



      I'm trying to create a workbook where the user has the ability to select a fund they want to analyze and then select from a list of benchmarks to compare it to. I'm having trouble combining both of these onto one table or graph. Below is a screenshot of a simple table I'm trying to make, I would like to have a column to the right which has the benchmark data. I can have my benchmarks be from the same data source or separate ones as in the example workbook I've provided. If I could combine the two in the way I'm describing I would ultimately be using it to create graphs showing deviations from the benchmark a variety of other things.




      If anyone can help with this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Cathy Bridges

          I would put your funds worksheet and your benchmarks worksheet side by side on a dashboard as in attached.


          You can't join or blend the two files, because you don't have a common field to blend on.

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            Jennifer VonHagel

            Hi Mitchell,


            Another idea is to union your two data sets.  You seem to have the exact same metrics for each.


            1. Put your two data sources off on their own in their own folder:

            2. Go to Data > New Data Source > More > Navigate to the folder you created and choose one of the files


            3. Drag "New Union" underneath the Funds pill and drop when it says "Drag table to union".

            4. In the dialog box, go to Wildcard, and clear the Matching pattern for Sheets and Workbooks to both be blank. This will automatically union all the files in the Test folder created.

            5. And voila - you have your data in one table. When you union datasets, Tableau will add a Path and Sheet column. In the Sheet column, so we already have a differentiator of Benchmarks and Funds to be used.


            You could go a few different ways with this now. I quickly created the following parameters and calculations:


            6. Create a Choose Benchmark parameter. Make the values equal the text in F1 perfectly. You can use Add from Field on the lower right, and then delete the funds leaving only benchmarks (except you probably have hundreds or thousands of funds).


            7. Create a Choose Fund(s) calculation. Add the calculation as a filter to your worksheet, and the Choose Benchmark parameter as well.


            IF [Sheet] = 'Funds' THEN [F1]

            ELSE 'Show Benchmark'



            8. Set up your worksheet.


            9. And finally, add a filter so that only one Benchmark will ever show - the one selected in the parameter.


            [Sheet] = 'Funds' OR [F1] = [Choose Benchmark]


            This is one way to go about it; I hope it gets you started.