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    Single Sign-on of Tableau Online with SharePoint

    Aakash Morya

      I want to integrate my Tableau Online Reports to SharePoint Online Site Pages. I have also configured my Tableau authentication by SharePoint Online Users.


      I am able to Login the Tableau with my SharePoint user such as "username@domain.com". As soon as I enter the username while login to Tableau, it redirect me to the Microsoft Office 365 Login Window.


      It means that I have configured the SSO correctly. Now I have one report in Tableau that I am able to see with "username@domain.com" account. Now I am publishing this report and getting the URL of the report and adding it to the SharePoint Online Site Page using Script Editor WebPart (Embedding).


      But there The report again ask me to sign in to Tableau. But I am already logged in to the SharePoint with the same "username@domain.com" account, so I believe I should not required to Sign-In again.


      How Can I prevent this additional sign in SharePoint after integrating Tableau?


      If you need any more information then I am ready to provide.